Our Mission...

Did you know that the color pink has some magical benefits*? It can make one feel energetic, happy, generate passion & bring about hope! 
We TOTALLY agree!! 
For us it not only energizes, but creates a sense of contentment & happiness and we want to share that with you!
Pinknique is a fusion of the words Pink & Unique here to provide
Women’s Accessories, Homeware, Stationery & Gifts!
Basically... all the things we love & have a passion for!
Now you can be continuously surrounded by Pink Energy! 
Our mission was to create an online store similar to those cute, quirky little stores you usually find at the beach or in small little towns… You know, the ones you just have to go in and see what they got and find all these cute, sometimes unusual, but useful products in?
We strive to bring you something uniquely different that will instantly brighten your day, ease your quest for that perfect gift and a product selection we personally love & want to own (if not already!)
Be sure to visit us regularly as we are on the hunt every day for more exciting products to add to our store! 
Go on, have a look around and find something to love & own! 

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